A transporter forms an essential link between you and your customers, and completes the picture at the end of the chain. Freshtrans is therefore not simply a transport company, and is aware of its role as the business card of our clients. All the more reason for going the extra mile, applying a proactive approach and thinking along with our clients to take care of their needs. Our clients are then free to do what they do best, as we do every day on the road.

It is with this frame of mind that Freshtrans departs to virtually all destinations in France and Spain each day. The journey begins in the Netherlands, collecting and gathering all the flowers and plants at our locations in De Kwakel and Honselersdijk, where we also receive trade from Belgium and Germany. From these locations, the lorries leave for their final destinations in France and Spain.

And so Freshtrans has become a leading refrigerated transporter over the years, serving a wide range of clients throughout Europe. Think in terms of a large group of Dutch and Belgian growers and exporters of flowers and plants, supermarket chains, wholesalers and department stores. The services offered by Freshtrans have evolved over the years, growing along with our clientèle and the market changes. From the rise of supermarkets as a sales channel for flowers and plants in France, to the more recent development of web shops as a means of directly supplying shopkeepers with their fresh flowers. These market developments have raised new logistic issues for our clients, which we have been pleased to solve.

Freshtrans France

Freshtrans France is our solution to meet the ever-changing role of exporters and wholesalers and the increased demand for smaller but very frequent deliveries. This formula is aimed at extensive distribution of flowers and plants at the store level. Via our own platforms, we supply florists, supermarkets and DIY stores with fresh flowers and plants on a daily basis.

From the Netherlands, we deliver to our own depots where everything is unloaded, sorted and reloaded, ready for immediate departure to the final destinations. This enables us to supply you or your customer anywhere in France, within 24 hours.